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Case Studies


This case study series aims to fill a gap in available information related to the financial performance of U.S. properties constructed with mass timber structural systems in buildings across various product sub-types. 使用透明的定量数据, each of the 10 case studies analyzes how mass timber has created value and provides a qualitative overview of successes, challenges, 以及从开发商/所有者的角度吸取的经验教训.

The series was created through a collaboration with Conrad Investment Management and would not be possible without support from the developers/owners who share their data. WoodWorks is grateful to these firms and individuals for supporting our efforts to promote a deeper understanding of how mass timber might be a useful tool for investors, occupants, and the community.

Download the case studies PDF or keep scrolling for a preview of what the package contains.

民政事务处/黑客/ KPFF顾问工程师/照片黑客


The business case studies package analyzes how mass timber creates value across various property sub-types, 包括多户出租和待售产品, student housing, 以及机构办公室. 每个案例研究包括以下部分:

Development overview 提供背景资料,包括:

  • Property information
  • Product strategy
  • Investment highlights

Qualitative summary 从发展商/业主的角度来看,包括:

  • Challenges
  • Lessons learned
  • Successes

Quantitative overview 比较已实现、预估和本地市场数据,包括:

  • Costs
  • Rents/sales
  • Lease-up
  • Returns

Market context 提供本地市场概览,包括:

  • Submarket description
  • 主要的雇主/行业

Initial Findings

The information gathered on each project reveals early trends that can lend to the value creation of other properties constructed with mass timber structural systems.

多户型住宅: 居民们的反应是“看 & feel”

  • 美学似乎具有广泛的吸引力
  • Robust pre-leasing
  • Tangible distinction
  • 理想品牌标识的切实实现

Office: 吸引人的原因有很多

  • 大多数租户“信誉良好”
  • 渴望无形利益相关者利益
  • 往往会看到令人印象深刻的预售



The Canyons

Property Type: For-Rent Housing

Property Type: For-Rent Housing

Property Type: For-Rent Housing

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Size: 259 apartments; 493,000 gsf (incl. 273,000平方英尺大块木材)

Completed: July & August 2022


Development Partner: Wiechmann Enterprises

Location: Cleveland, OH

Size: 297 apartments; 512,000 gsf

Completed: February 2022

Developer: Harbor Bay Ventures

Location: Portland, OR

Size: 70 apartments over six retail suites; 113,314 gsf

Completed: November 2020

Developer: Kaiser Group

Development Partner:日本Hoosiers公司

目前是世界上最高的木塔, Ascent consists of 19 stories of mass timber luxury residential units over a six-story above-grade parking podium. Mass timber was chosen as a differentiator for this development, which achieved amazing preleasing.

INTRO Cleveland是一个多功能开发项目,拥有700人的活动空间, ground floor retail, apartments and a best-in-city amenity package that delivered a new level of living in Cleveland’s most desirable neighborhood. The development achieved unparalleled leasing velocity at significant premiums.

具有通用设计加上礼宾服务和其他设施, The Canyons is a six-story apartment building targeting both active seniors and younger residents. The Canyons achieved premium rents amid a design-oriented submarket and was occupied with viable tenants.

Barracuda Condos

Timber Lofts


Property Type: For-Sale Housing

Property Type: 重建/添加

Property Type: 特别建造/自住(学生宿舍/宿舍)

Location: Madison, WI

Size: 19 residential condos + two office units; 42,000 gsf

Completed: August 2020

Developer: Populance

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Size: 60 apartments; 68,400 gsf (27 apartments; 35,400 gsf added)

Completed: 2020

Developer: Pieper Properties

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Size: 202,491 gsf

Completed: 2019


Barracuda Condos is a seven-story building with five levels of condos over two levels of office and parking. 买家喜欢这里的地理位置, warm timber ceilings, and kitchen/appliances, 75%的公寓在开工时就售出了.

Mass timber was chosen for a new addition to harmonize aesthetics with a historic brick and timber frame brewery building The redevelopment achieved fast-leasing at top-of-market rents, while its noteworthiness continues to create positive economic “spill-over” effects that are helping fuel positive momentum and perceptions of the submarket/ street.

Adohi Hall is the nation’s first large-scale mass timber live-learn student housing development, a bold demonstration of sustainability and innovation in university planning. 而使用大量木材带来了轻微的成本溢价, it was viewed as an investment in the state’s timber industry and an opportunity to create value for stakeholders that ranged from students to the real estate sector.

1 De Haro

Clay Creative

District Office

Property Type: Office

Property Type: Office

Property Type: Office

Location: San Francisco, CA

Size: 134,000 gsf

Completed: April 2021

Developer: SKS Partners

Location: Portland, OR

Size: 95,100 gsf

Completed: Spring 2016

Location: Portland, OR

Size: 105,890 gsf

Completed: February 2020

Developer: Urban Development + Partners; Beam Development

For 1 De Haro, a four-story building with a mix of speculative office and light industrial spaces, timber was initially chosen as a lightweight solution to address problematic soils. The exposed timber structure creates an authentic biophilic interior that appealed to ESG-driven tenants in the Bay Area, 该项目在建设之初就完全租赁了.

美国最早的大型木结构建筑之一.S., Clay Creative’s differentiated design embodies millennial ethics and goals, 为企业租户创造价值. The office space was leased quickly at top-of-market rates and has seen impressive sub-leasing.

区政府办公楼是一幢投机性办公楼, designed by and for a leading mass timber architect to reflect the values of their company and appeal to other prospective tenants. 建立在高品质材料和可持续设计的基础上, the goal for this project is to attract loyal tenants while creating value for occupants, investors, and the community.

The ICE Blocks

Property Type: Office

Location: Sacramento, CA

Size: 170,000 gsf

Completed: Spring 2018

Developer: Heller Pacific

加州第一座现代木材办公楼, ICE Blocks寻求与历史砖相似的外观和感觉. and timber warehouses. The distinctive interiors attracted quality tenants at competitive rents and leased up quickly as it was being built.

获取其他资源 解决美国经济的可行性问题.S. mass timber projects

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专为开发者/投资者设计, these case studies discuss qualitative influences and provide quantitative data to examine investment success, 挑战和经验教训.