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在美国,学校建筑约占大型木材建筑市场的15%.S.-排名低于商务和集会占用,高于多户. 如果着眼于设计中的大型木材项目,学校的份额就会缩减到4%. 这些数字强调了木材在学校中的巨大潜力, but the real opportunity lies in the value mass timber brings to educational environments. Wood’s biophilic properties have special significance when creating indoor spaces that foster student and teacher well-being, and construction speed yields high rewards for projects being constructed on a strict back-to-school timeline. 越来越多地, with competitive pricing in a growing market and an urgency to design more sustainable buildings, 各个团队都在为项目提出大量的木材,并相信它会成功.


  • 大小五层,85000平方英尺 
  • 建筑类型: III-A 
  • 预计完成: 2024  
  • 可持续发展目标LEED金牌,净零准备


  • 大量木材
  • 交叉层压木材(CLT)
  • 胶合木材(GLT或胶合木)
  • 混合(木材与钢或混凝土)
  • 木-混凝土复合系统
  • 空腹桁架

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亨普斯特德的常青特许学校, 纽约就是一个显著的例子, 展示大量木材在现代学校设计中的价值. 该项目由 马丁·霍普建筑事务所(尼古拉斯) 与Odeh Engineers合作,由Consigli建造. It’s also among six winners of the Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) and USDA Forest Service (USDA) 2022 大量木材 Competition: Building to Net-Zero Carbon.  

位于拿骚县最贫困的社区之一, 常青特许学校 provides underserved and marginalized youth and families an alternative to local public schools where minorities have historically experienced low graduation rates. The mission for the new building was to create a sustainable school with a robust education program that doubled as an asset for the entire community. 计划于2024年完工, 该项目是东海岸首批交叉层压木材(CLT)学校之一.

Martin Hopp建筑师

Evergreen had issued a second round of RFPs for the project as the world—and the design community—grappled with adapting to the unprecedented nature of life during (and after) a pandemic. “人们意识到学校对我们的社区有多重要,马丁·霍普说, 尼古拉斯. “我认为我们都在COVID中看到了, 就在学校停课的时候, 我们都受到了多大的影响,以及由此带来的挑战. 当我们对世界的变化做出回应时,我们收到了Evergreen RFP, 我们想要解决关键问题.  

Feeling confident that the mass timber market had developed enough to warrant competitive bidding, 设计团队提出了大量的木材设计来完成Evergreen的项目目标. Their progressive vision for incorporating the material resonated with the school’s stakeholders. 霍普说:“客户团队很高兴能和我们一起进一步调查. “他们甚至没有意识到木材也是一种选择.”  

随着项目的发展, 这是客户的集体支持, 设计团队, 和承包商, Consigli, 大量的木材将是该项目的关键部分. “When one person is pursuing this type of vision on their own, it’s a much harder job. 一旦其他人加入你的倡导, 事情开始发生了,芝麻小事纽约地区总监说, 莫莫的太阳, 谁与这个项目关系密切. “Evergreen受益于一个完全同步的设计团队和客户, 见证和支持这一切是一件很棒的事情.”  

“Evergreen受益于一个完全同步的设计团队和客户, 见证和支持这一切是一件很棒的事情.


Since the five-story building’s intended use was for an educational facility during the day and a community center at night and on weekends, 社区参与对设计过程至关重要. 尼古拉斯与Evergreen是战略合作伙伴, leading workshops and visioning sessions to understand the client’s priorities and how a building could embrace them.

该建筑由三层教室和灵活的学习空间组成, 两个食堂, 一个体育馆, 足球场, 花园和其他户外空间.  

大楼的两个自助餐厅之一在屋顶上, 带有木柱的整体木结构, 桁架, 和CLT屋顶构件.

Martin Hopp建筑师

尼古拉斯 approached the design from the inside out, focusing first on the school’s nucleus—the classroom. “We built consensus on the ideal classroom through charrettes with teachers and students,” says Hopp. 此外,该建筑还具有学校和社区中心的双重功能, 长荣计划增加招生人数, 将灵活性作为设计的优先事项. “我们确定了机构增长目标, 学校最看重的关键项目要素, and opportunities for spaces to serve as community facilities when school was out of session.” 

木材可以让你重新构建你的决策过程, 不像你的起点是一个更传统的教室.

Deciding where mass timber was most appropriate in the design led to similar conversations about other materials. “木材可以让你重新构建你的决策过程, 不像你的起点是一个更传统的教室,霍普解释道. They decided on a hybrid solution, featuring exposed wood ceilings and exposed concrete floors. “从磨损的角度来看,学校是一个艰苦的环境. The challenge was figuring out how to include the most exposed wood but maintain low maintenance costs with durable high-traffic areas.”


Biophilic design elements are increasingly used in the built environment to boost occupant well-being through connection to nature, 越来越多的人 研究称 这种木材在集中注意力和提高工作效率方面尤其有影响力. 因为学生们大部分时间都呆在室内, the 设计团队 capitalized on wood’s biophilic elements and emphasized air quality and lighting to ensure an ideal environment for students and staff. 

“当你看到我们教室的渲染图时, 你可以在空间里看到木头, 这是一个完全不同的环境. 它看起来比典型的教室要积极得多,”霍普说. “The data is clear that students and staff perform better when they’re in healthy environments—and wood is a part of that solution. 最终, 如果我们能以同样的价格设计出质量更好的环境, 这等于更好的性能, 更低的缺勤率, 等. 这是我们设计的关键指标.” 

The building design includes a high-performance envelope and mechanical system that will perform at 20% above code, 为学生和员工提供理想的工作环境. 它还最大限度地利用了教室的自然光, 确保室内空气质素和音响效果良好.

木材的可持续性效益, 包括低含碳和碳储存, cemented Evergreen’s enthusiasm for mass timber and supported their green ethos—something that distinguishes them as a charter school and attracts like-minded families.  

Martin Hopp建筑师

除了室内项目, 尼古拉斯将室外空间变成了花园和聚会场所,供学生放松, 社交, 或学习.

他们已经设定了LEED金牌目标,计划让学校达到零净. 除了这些可持续性成果, 长荣公司打算将这座建筑用作教学工具, 发起关于C0影响的讨论2 世界和建筑中蕴含的碳. “Making a direct connection between environmental topics and the classroom you’re learning in gives new meaning to a space,霍普分享道。, “它告诉学生们,他们受到重视,是雄心勃勃的事业的一部分.” 

Making a direct connection between environmental topics and the classroom you’re learning in gives new meaning to a space. 它告诉学生,他们是有价值的,是雄心勃勃的事业的一部分.

Evergreen’s commitment to the environment and community is summed up most poignantly in the school promise, 而读, “我保证尊重自己, 尊重别人的人, 尊重地球的资源.”

学生参观现场,观察施工过程. 照片:常绿


Evergreen的建设正在进行中, and students have visited the site to see their new school come to life from the ground up. Mass timber will arrive on site in September after the installer completes custom notching to accommodate the design—a great example of mass timber’s flexibility and opportunities for customization. 

莫莫的太阳 attended the groundbreaking ceremony and remarked on how the enthusiasm and cohesiveness of the entire team had impacted the project’s success up to this point. “Seeing how the Evergreen founders [Sarah Brewster and Gil Bernandino] advocate for the community and this mass timber project has been incredibly inspiring,孙说. “和尼古拉斯一起, Odeh, Consigli, and the extended team—this unique group is highly passionate about what they’re building and who they’re building it for.”

Martin Hopp建筑师


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您可以与Evergreen项目团队联系, 查看其他已建成的皇冠99hg现金网项目, 并在木工创新网络(WIN)上寻找大型木材供应商.