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Learn about wood products.

浏览我们的制造商和供应商目录,了解木材产品, ask performance and supply questions, 与制造商或供应商联系,为你的下一个项目寻找材料. 

As a non-profit, WoodWorks通过我们的合作伙伴计划得到了这些制造商和供应商的支持. They represent all facets of the industry, and it is through their support that WoodWorks offers technical resources, educational programming, and free project assistance to teams building with wood.

皇冠99hg现金网和联系信息托管在WoodWorks创新网络(WIN)上。, 这是WoodWorks的一个项目,展示了大量木材和创新的轻框架木材项目, and connects developers, design and construction teams, and suppliers. Follow the links below to connect directly with manufacturers and suppliers on WIN

Washington Fruit & Produce Company interior heavy timber
Washington Fruit & Produce Company / Graham Baba Architects / Photo Kevin Scott

Sustaining Partners


Boise Cascade

Manufactures engineered wood products, panels, and lumber.


生产各种各样的产品-从地下地板到外部护套, to drywall for walls and ceilings, to roofs and firedoors.

LP Building Solutions


West Fraser

Manufactures lumber, oriented strand board (OSB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, and other products.




Mercer Mass Timber

Manufactures cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Market Development Partners

SmartLam NA

Manufactures cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glulam building products.

Binderholz Mass Timber

Manufactures cross-laminated timber (CLT), glue-laminated timber (glulam), solid structural wood, solid wood panels, and lumber.

Element 5


Freres Engineered Wood

Manufactures veneer-based cross-laminated timber (CLT) beams and columns.

Global Integrated Flooring Solutions

Manufactures and installs underfloor HVAC systems, modular power, and floor finishes integrated with access flooring.


Manufactures structural panels, subflooring, and sheathing.




Manufactures and installs acoustic floor underlayment.


Software, services, engineered products, and automated solutions. 


Fastener and connectors, building envelope and acoustic solutions. 


Manufactures industrial and factory finishes and coatings.

Simpson Strong-Tie logo
Simpson Strong-Tie

Manufactures connectors and fasteners.

Sterling Structural

Manufactures cross-laminated timber (CLT).


Manufactures dowel-laminated timber (DLT) panels.


Mass Timber Trade Partner specializing in design assistance, timber fabrication, and installation services.


Design assist, pre-fabrication and installation.

Vaagen Timbers

Manufactures cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels, and gluelaminated timber beams, columns and panels (glulam/GLT).

Industry Advantage Partners


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Channel Partners

Seagate Mass Timber

Design assistance, procurement, prefabrication, install and education. 

Discover the benefits of partnering with WoodWorks.

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Access additional wood building resources. WoodWorks是提供森林信息和资源的组织和网站网络的一部分, wood products, and the design of wood buildings. 

Two women and a man working on a project together

Partner Associations

American Wood Council

The American Wood Council (AWC) is a leading developer of engineering data, technology, and standards on structural wood products in the U.S. These tools are used widely by design professionals, building officials, 并为传统木制品和工程木制品制造商提供安全高效的木结构构件设计和使用保障. AWC is a key resource for code and standard information.

Think Wood

Think Wood provides commercial, multi-family, and single-family home design and build resources to architects, developers, and contractors. 从认可的继续皇冠99hg现金网到最新的项目概况和AEC专家Q&As, Think Wood展示了木材设计和建造的创新方法.

APA – The Engineered Wood Association

An accredited national standards developer, APA为许多结构工程木制品制定了性能标准, including plywood siding, wood structural panel sheathing, structural glue-laminated timber (glulam), wood I-joists, rim board, and cross-laminated timber (CLT). APA combines the work of scientists and engineers for its research center, knowledge gained from decades of fieldwork, 以及来自其成员制造商的见解,以支持新的工程木材解决方案和工艺. APA产品报告和其他出版物广泛应用于木结构建筑的设计和建造.

Canadian Wood Council – Conseil canadien du bois

加拿大木材委员会(CWC)通过全国协会联合会代表加拿大木制品行业. The CWC’s vision is to be passionate, 可靠的变革推动者,引领先进和可持续的木材文化. 禁化武委员会提供有关建筑规范的技术和知识转移服务, standards and regulations.